Creative Intentions
Creative Intentions

Style with Intention

I love the beach. Beaches are tranquil, relaxing, and conjure up thoughts of warm sunshine, toes in the sand, and the sounds of lapping waves. However, when I decided on a beach-themed room, it was for reasons far beyond those.

My grandmother loved the beach as do my mom and my daughters. Our family has created amazing beach trip memories since I was a small girl.

My favorite pictures of my girls when they were little are ones I snapped on a family vacation at Long Beach, CA. Their smiles so genuine. Their pink sundresses matching their sun-kissed cheeks. I have displayed those pictures in every home I’ve had since.

When I decided to decorate the bathroom with a beach theme, it seemed only fitting to include my favorite beach photos of the girls. then I remembered an old photo of myself as a toddler with my mom and grandmother at the beach and included it as well.

To my delight, the most recent additions are pictures of my two oldest grandkids taken at a California beach. My daughter strategically recreating the scene her and her sister had enjoyed so many years before. Those pictures perfectly complete the room.

I see more than the beach when I’m in that room. I hear more than the waves against the shore. I recall more than the feel of my toes in the sand. I see the faces of those I love most. I hear the squeals of delight as my girls played on the shore, and I feel the love of family traditions holding strong.

Style with Intention
Designing your space with intention is doing more than setting some shells in a jar and hanging a beach scene in the wall. It is including bits of yourself and the the memories you hold dear.

Remember to focus on what you value most in life. The things that tell a story. Your story.

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